Tuition Rates

Qualifications P 1 - P 3 P 4 - P 6 Sec 1 - Sec 2 Sec 3 - Sec 5 JC 1 - JC 2 IB
Diploma / A Levels

P1 - P3 ---- $20 - $22 per hour

P4 - P6 ---- $22 - $25 per hour

Sec 1 - Sec 2 ---- $28 - $30 per hour

Sec 3 - Sec 5 ---- $30 - $32 per hour

JC 1 - JC 2 ---- N.A.

IB ---- N.A.

Undergraduates & NIE Trainee

P1 - P3 ---- $22 - $25 per hour

P4 - P6 ---- $25 - $28 per hour

Sec 1 - Sec 2 ---- $30 - $32 per hour

Sec 3 - Sec 5 ---- $32 - $35 per hour

JC 1 - JC 2 ---- $40 - $50 per hour

IB ---- $45 - $55 per hour


P1 - P3 ---- $30 - $32 per hour

P4 - P6 ---- $32 - $38 per hour

Sec 1 - Sec 2 ---- $40 - $45 per hour

Sec 3 - Sec 5 ---- $45 - $50 per hour

JC 1 - JC 2 ---- $55 - $70 per hour

IB ---- $60 - $75 per hour

MOE Trained Teachers

P1 - P3 ---- $45 - $55 per hour

P4 - P6 ---- $50 - $65 per hour

Sec 1 - Sec 2 ---- $60 - $65 per hour

Sec 3 - Sec 5 ---- $65 - $75 per hour

JC 1 - JC 2 ---- $80 - $130 per hour

IB ---- $80 - $130 per hour

*Rates above are based on the average market rates for the past 6 months. Individual tutor rates may vary.

Dear Parents and Students, the above guide are the estimated rates. Actual amount may vary as it is dependent on the individual tutor's rates. You may use our tuition calculator below to help you get a better picture of the monthly tuition fee. You may also engage a tutor by clicking here or by calling 9177 8598.

How to choose a tutor

Learniva categorizes tutors into 3 broad categories, they are mainly the undergraduates, graduates (both full timer and part timers) as well as MOE School Teachers (both current and former teachers).

The tuition prices shown above are the average hourly rates charged by our tutors over the past 6 months and should not be considered as the final rate charged by your tutor as it is subjected to a variety of factors (e.g experience of the tutor, duration of the assignment, engaging a tutor close to a major exam, distance, various needs, etc).

A level/Diploma/Undergraduate Tutors:

This category of tutors are currently still students are pursuing their tertiary education. They’re the youngest of the different types of tutors and due to the smaller age-gap, would be able to build a stronger rapport and provide a good role-model for your child to motivate your children to emulate them. Due to their relative lack of experience, their charges are more affordable as well.


Graduate tutors are those who have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and are providing tuition either as a full time career or doing it part time while holding down a job. We also have tutors who possess post-graduate degrees such as Master’s or PhDs. They have typically 3-4 years of experience at the minimum as many of them started tutoring during their university years.

For the full-time tutors, they are generally more committed and flexible in terms of their schedule. Also, you may be able to find a tutor who has majored in a particular field, (e.g Math major) which would be helpful for your child.

School Teachers:

School Teachers can be categorized into two groups, they are:

Current School Teachers

Teachers who are currently teaching in government schools (Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and JCs) and international schools (ACSi, Tanglin Trust, SAS, SOTA, UWC, CIS, OFS, SJII, HCI, etc). These teachers are more in touch with the current syllabus and examination requirements. For those in the government schools (MOE), they possess a Diploma of Education and have undergone training at NIE. They typically do not take many students as they have to juggle their school commitments together with providing home tuition.

Former School Teachers

These are teachers who have left the teaching service and are currently providing tuition on a full-time basis. Many of them bring along vast school teaching experiences and have stronger commitment levels as they do not have school commitments. For the ones who have went through the MOE system, they’re trained at NIE and are equipped with teaching pedagogy.


All you need to do is to input the tutor fee per hour listed above, duration per session and number of sessions a week.

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Tuition Fees