ID: 8096

Name: LIU YAN(刘燕)
Tutor: Graduate (Part Time Tutor)
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Chinese

Background Experience:

I am new to Singapore, so I am unfamiliar with everything here. I got my bachelor's degree in China, and I majored in Food Science during the undergraduate learning. And now I am studying biotechnology for my master's degree in NUS.
I have worked for an teaching institution for 1 years during the last year of my university. I mainly taught English and Math for the middle school students. There are about 8 students in each class, so I have taught more than 30 students in one year.
It's a special institution, because all the students there live in a remote area without parents around. They don't like school, at the same time, they don't have the proper education resources. So it's not a surprise that they can get even zero in their tests. Their academic performance is particularly poor, so what I do most is to arouse their interest for study. I am so happy that they come to realize the importance of learning and their negative feelings about school are weakened a lot.
I really love kids, and I am good at making friends with them. I think I am competent for the task of teaching Chinese.

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Highest Education - Bachelor's Degree

national university of Singapore

master of science (in progress)


Levels and Subjects Taught

Lower Primary

Math, Chinese

Locations Taught At

South West