ID: 7922

Name: Zhao Jiahong
Tutor: Undergraduate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese

Background Experience:

Recently graduated JC2 student from Raffles Institution, class of 2019.
Took H2 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, and H3 Semiconductor Physics and Devices.

Passionate about physics, had a research attachment at A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing, co-authored a paper with other A*STAR scientists published and presented in IEEE and the Asia Pacific Microwave Conference. Accepted for another research attachment later this year.

For H2 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics, results for preliminary examinations 2019 are AAAB, in that order. Never got below an A for physics in a JC exam.

Interested, passionate and excited in teaching physics to juniors and help them do better and have a greater appreciation for physics.

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Highest Education - A Levels

Raffles Institution


Just finished A-levels Results for 2019 Preliminary Examinations: H2 Physics-A H2 Mathematics-A H2 Chemistry-A H2 Economics-B H1 General Paper-B

Levels and Subjects Taught

Junior College

H2 Physics

Locations Taught At


Clementi, Holland Village, Beauty World, King Albert Park, Sixth Avenue


Bishan, Farrer Road, Botanic Gardens, Marymount