About the Class

In this class, I'll be discussing several techniques to comparative writing that can be applied to GP essay structures. Unlike most tuition programmes for GP that peddle the 'argumentative' approach, I'll elaborate on the mental gymnastics expected of students when writing academic papers about politics, philosophy and anything under the sun.

I'll also be working regularly on developing a thesis-ready way of thinking. Students will be expected to defend their views on topics with academic theories relating to political economy, global affairs, sociology and philosophy.

To contextualise the lessons, each session will utilise a student's topic of choice for class discussion. I will contextualise the topics with my knowledge about Political Thought, Sociology and Philosophy.

I will also briefly coach students towards the end for their university application essays, which is a necessary skill to learn but never explicitly taught.

Class Information

South West
Nearest MRT:
One North
16 #01-220, College Ave West, 138527
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Category:  Tuition
Level:  Junior College
Subjects:  General Paper
Monthly Price:  $450
Class Size:  6
Frequency Per Month:  4
Sam Hussain