Tamil Tuition

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Tamil is commonly used in many part of India and Sri Lanka. It is also one of the four recognized languages in Singapore, although some schools in Singapore have not make it compulsory to learn this language.

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in history and learning it opens you to a lot of interesting subjects associated with the Tamil culture. Virtually, many historical works associated with the culture’s music, literature and drama were written in Tamil.

Learning Tamil in Singapore as a second language, especially if you are working or at school, may be a difficult task because of your busy schedule. That is why considering private tutors will give you the flexibility to learn this interesting language in the luxury of your home as per your convenient time.

Tamil in Singapore

Tamil is spoken by the largest ethnic groups in Singapore and since Singapore adopted English as the first language, Tamil, Malay and Chinese are now considered as second languages.

Learning Tamil in Singapore has the added advantage of keeping alive one of the oldest cultural groups living in Singapore. When you are invited to take part in a family gathering or business venture, you can be assured that you can do it with confidence and in a culturally accepted way.  

Learning Tamil

Most schools in Singapore do not teach Tamil and thus students from different schools are usually brought together for educating them. This does not really allow the required time necessary for the teachers to teach the language efficiently. Sure there are students who would do well but if you want to ensure your child will learn the language and the culture well, choosing a private tutor would be the best option.

For children that come from homes where English is mainly spoken and also attend a school where Tamil is not taught, having a private tutor will help them a lot to learn how to speak and write Tamil well.

Since this language has many different dialects and essays, children who are taught in a classroom sometimes incorrectly heard the pronunciations and they themselves also pronounce wrongly. Therefore, with a private tutor, you are assured that your child will be taught how to speak it with enough proficiency.

Education Classes in Singapore

As one of the major languages in Singapore, all students should learn Tamil and a competent tutor will give them the best chance to pass Tamil exams with good grades. We cover all the levels of education in Singapore, starting from preschool to junior college. We understand that the school curriculum has a tough schedule, but our tutors will fit in with your schedule and make the learning experience an enjoyable one.   

Thus, there is no reason to learn Tamil the difficult way through group classes when you can have a private tutor who will make sure that you will learn the language in the shortest of time possible at your own convenience from a highly qualified personal tutor.