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In this home tuition agency, you will find many experience private tutors adapted to tutoring in the humanities subjects like history, geography and social studies. If you need a combination of social studies with geography, social studies with history or pure humanities, this is the right place to find personal tuition. Pairing you with the right humanities tutor is not a problem as this is our daily practice.

There is no need to sift through centers to find a social studies tutor as our process for tutor request is very simple. In mere minutes, you will be well on your way to a private social studies tutorship.

Why social studies is significant for your children

You will find the curriculum for social studies in secondary as well as primary classes of study because social studies prepares children of today to be proud citizens of tomorrow. Through social studies, students learn to be connected with the community by learning instructions from the former and current of the community.

The aim of social studies is to incite the interest and curiosity of children into the concurrent life problems of today. Social studies establishes human understanding, morality and responsibility towards the society in children through authentic learning.

Social studies results in the creation of critical, thoughtful and intelligent students who are able to embrace diverse perspectives and grow into capable members of society zealous to contribute to their society.

Social studies, geography and history in O-levels

Social studies stands as a recreational subject in primary school and is important in secondary school. It is mandatory to take social studies with geography or history to excel in GCE O-level exams. There is usually more importance placed of history and geography tutors while social studies tutors are not given such importance and this is a mistake.

Social studies is as importance as the other subjects, history or geography, which are required to make up combined humanities. Regardless of this, a lot of students focus on other humanities subjects and neglect social studies hereby focusing on only half of the entire score. It does not make sense to use this approach.

It is imperative that students pay equal amount of focus to social studies. Getting a social studies tutor is a smart move instead of focusing almost completely on history or geography alone.

How social studies tutor’s help students improve

Social studies is one of the important subjects that is examined and it is very helpful and important for students to master social studies.

A private humanities tutor is the finest method to guide a student through the subject for effective learning. A good social studies tutor is accustomed to the curriculum and up to date with social studies issues in the society. The tutor has to also be an excellent teacher to develop effective lesson plans. Some great tutors include fun parts like games and quizzes for more fun learning.

A student is all set for O-levels humanities subject with a social studies tutor that can also teach history and geography.

Updated social studies tuition rates

Level/training of tutorLower secondary schoolUpper secondary schoolInternational schoolJunior college
School teacher$60 – $70$65 – $80$70 – $90$90 – $120
Part time tutor$25 – $35$30 – $40$30 -$50$50 – $60
Full time tutor$35 – $45$45 – $50$40 – $60$60 – $75

O level, secondary IB tuition

If you have decided to check out a tuition program for social studies, this is the right place. Here you will find highly trained social studies personal tutors for students. To give you the best, all tutors are properly screened.

The large amount of tutors for the humanities can cater for history, geography and social studies subjects effectively. Your needs for tutoring will be met with the different training levels of tutors.

As a premier tuition agency for social studies, we value our clients and to match them with the least costly and effective tutors for a wonderful experience.

For your O-level, IB or IP humanities and social studies tuition, sign up for the chance for your child to become proficient and excel more. We will cater your needs and locate the finest tuition for social studies.

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