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Are you looking for a private home tutor to help your child improve her grades, or prepare for an important exam such as PSLE or AEIS? What are the important questions you should ask before securing one and how do you know if you’ve found the perfect fit?

Does your child need a private home tutor to help improve her studies?

Singapore’s education system has been ranked amongst the top in the world, and it’s no secret that the academic pressure here is high. Private tuition in Singapore is as such, seen by many parents as the key to help their child get an edge.

Like most parents, you want to see your child succeed and excel in her studies and you want her to go to a good school and receive the best education so that she can have a bright future.

But what happens if she needs a little extra push and some help to guide her in the right direction? What if she is struggling in certain subjects and you are worried she might be falling behind?

You might want to consider finding an experience private home tutor to help your child through her academic struggles and give her the confidence to push herself to her full potential. Read on to find out some tips on getting your child the right kind of home tuition in Singapore.

What are you looking for?
Before you begin searching for the right private tutor for your child, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you find the perfect one:

Private Home Tuition Singapore Tip #1: What are the specific needs?

If your child has a specific need, such as preparing for the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), then you will need to make sure that the private home tutor you engage should be familiar with the procedure and able to guide your child to achieve positive results.

The tutor should also fully understand your concerns and be experienced in this specific field.

Private Home Tuition Singapore Tip #2: Why does your child need private home tuition?

Is she struggling in any particular subject(s)? Does she need extra help doing homework and completing her assignments? Is she preparing for an upcoming test or exam? Is she falling behind in class and needs someone to help her revise what she has learned so far?

Figure out what are your goals and the exact areas you feel she can improve in, so it is clearer for you to explain it to the tutor.

Private Tutor Singapore Tip #3: Does the private home tutor have good credentials?

There are a lot of private tutors in Singapore to choose from in Singapore, so it might be overwhelming for you to figure out how to narrow down your search.

It is recommended that  you carefully check out the private tutor’s credentials and read up on testimonials from other parents about their services.

Ask around for recommendations, or have a chat with the tutor before making your decision to ensure that you have made the right choice for your child.

Private Tuition Singapore Tip #4: Are the fees within your budget?

It’s difficult to put a price tag on quality education, so it’s important to look at the value of the private home tutor and what they have to offer, rather than restricting your choices according to cost.

If you have found a good private home tutor you feel would fit well with your kid’s academic needs, try to work out a flexible payment plan which both parties are comfortable with so that your child does not have to miss out on this opportunity to improve her studies.

Private Tuitor Singapore Tip #5: How long will the tutoring last for?

What is the length of time that your child will require a private home tutor? 6 months, 1 year, or longer?

Is there a specific goal that she is working towards, such as an upcoming exam or an entrance test, and when exactly is it?

This is important for the tutor to create an appropriate customised programme for your child and also allows them to set a schedule so that your kid is on track.

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