POA (Accounting) Tuition

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POA (Principles of Accounts) is a subject offered to Normal Academic students as well as particular Sec 3 and 4 Express students. It is available as an elective subject at secondary 3 and tested at O-levels.

With other subjects like sciences and mathematics, POA is one of the practical subjects available. Almost every company needs financial accounting and having a good background in POA will be beneficial to students all their lives regardless of if they continue education in accounting or not.

POA is becoming a more popular subject as more students opt to study it and they need 95 out of 100 for an A grade. POA tuition is becoming even more famous than mathematics tuition since parents want their children to pass. Here you can find POA tutors for secondary, IP and IB levels.

Why study POA

Studying POA gives students a strong understanding of financial concepts and an appreciation for the field of accounting. Students learn that accounting concepts are based on meticulous presentation, succinct preparation, ethical conduct and clear communication. They also get to develop these values in their personality.

Students who put in work to become POA masters learn:

  • To be methodological, logical, accurate and consistent
  • To have both objectivity and integrity
  • Social responsibility in the surroundings of accounting and how users of financial information are affected by it
  • Interest in accounting and gain awareness for future tracks in accounting

POA is not only about theory and practical but it imprints accounting values and skills on students which is increasingly important in todays modern business world.

Career prospects for graduates in financial accounting

The study of POA opens up the door to a world of accounting and helps in developing early interest in the topic. A child could stand to gain more from POA than arts and gaming. An accounting graduate from a 3-year direct honors programme stands to gain an average of $3,600. This is a great beginning pay and POA graduates will keep having bigger platforms and better opportunities in the industry.

Accounting majors from local accounting schools are in high demand in big companies and international firms. Financial accounting is a vast field with many career opportunities like financial analyst, compliance pro, public accountant, business analyst, tax accountant and even self employment. An accounting degree can even be a starting point to enter into other careers.

Benefits of employing a POA tutor

POA is a good choice for a subject in school but students are not as exposed to it as mathematics and sciences. It is a humanities subject and the best option is not self study. Students can receive effective one on one POA tuition to explain the principles of accounting in an exciting way and grab a good understanding of the foreign subject.

It is important to have the right POA tutor so that he reviews the students level of mastery to teaches effective learning methods, provide additional practice necessary for success, help with homework and build confidence. The reasonably priced private tutorship for POA will help provide a strong enthusiasm for the subject and produce great results.

Supply of good POA tutors are low so they are in high demand so considerations should be made to find one early in the school year.

Common POA tuition rates

Level/training of tutorLower secondary schoolUpper secondary schoolJunior collegeInternational schoolUniversity
School teachers$60 – $70$65 – $80$90 – $120$70 – $90
Part time tutor$25 – $35$30 – $40$50 – $60$30 – $50$60 – $70
Full time tutor$35 – $45$45 – $50$60 – $75$40 – $60$80 – $120

POA tuition for O-level, A-level or PSLE

This is a top class POA tuition agency for finding POA tutors. It is important to have the best tutors and we thoroughly interview them before making any recommendations. For a good academic start, opt for our A-level POA tuition today. Here you will find the perfect match for your child.