Physics Tuition

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In Singapore, physics is one of the most studied science subjects and the students have to study either pure physics or a combination of physics and chemistry. For secondary 3 students, concepts of physics, such as mechanics, heat radiation, light waves, structure of atoms, etc. are new and they often find it difficult to understand these topics. If a child is not performing well in physics or not getting the concepts clear, this is not surprising because physics is a subject that takes time and proper guidance to understand. In such a situation, the student should take physics tuitions so that proper knowledge of the subject can be gained and good grades can be scored.

A student studying on his/her own may find it difficult to grasp every physics formula and its application. It is always better to get the help from a physics tutor because they may customize the learning and make the formulas more understandable for the student. The undistracted attention a tutor provides can never be expected from schools or colleges, since the tutor gives enough time and proper guidance to make learning fun.

Secondary O-Level Physics Tuition

According to SEAB, a student undergoing ‘O’ level learning of physics should be able to properly understand the concepts of matter, energy and how they are interrelated to each other. Any student in Singapore should study physics at secondary school level because physics is a very practical subject. It unfolds many myths and brings facts in front of the students. Many things and happenings in everyday life get clear, and a new scientific world opens to them. Physics is the only science subject that encourages the students to explore everything. As the student gets more and more clear understanding of this subject, he/she generates the desire to learn more. So, it becomes necessary to study physics at least at the secondary level if not major in future. To help in this endeavor, physics tuition emerges as the solution as the physics tutor makes the learning very easy and effective. The student easily understands all the concepts and gets good grades and a competitive edge over the peers.

If your child is finding it difficult to understand physics, it’s the right time to consider providing physics tuition to him/her. A good physics tutor will help the student attain knowledge, and the experience and clarity of subject that the physics tutors possess will guide the student in the right direction.

A-Level, H1/H2 Physics Tuition

The A-level of physics is somewhat harder to understand when compared to O level. The new concepts, such as quantum physics and circular motion make it difficult to understand. These concepts are full of formulas which may create confusion in the student’s mind, resulting in inability to solve task problems. Moreover, the frequency of lectures and assignments makes it extremely hard for an A-level physics student to easily grasp the subject.

If a student takes physics tuition, all the concepts and formulas can be well sorted. The tuition providers teach the students in a totally different and efficient manner, and solves all their doubts. They understand the conditions of students very well and support them in every way possible to get good grades in physics.

The A-level physics tutors hold expertise in h1/h2 physics syllabus and they provide notes, formula sheets, and sometimes promo papers on request. Parents usually understand whether or not their children need a tutor. In case of physics, if a child needs tutoring, then his/her parents should not delay to enroll their child for physics tuition so as to ensure good grades for them.

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