O Level Tuition

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O’Level tests and examinations become tougher each year due to revisions by the Ministry of Education (MOE). As if it’s not hard enough for a 15 year old to learn 8 or 9 different subjects, concepts that were taught in 3 seconds are now being taught in less than one second. Further, students in upper secondary levels are now learning more advanced concepts that were previously structured for kids in advanced levels.

The O’Level is a huge determinant to whether your child will proceed to the University after their 12-16 years of school life. If your child performs well in their GCE O levels, they will get the freedom to choose whether to proceed to a local polytechnic or to Junior College (JC). Excellent grades in O’Level will make it possible for your child to join better Junior Collages like VJC, NJC, HCJC, and RJC where they will have an increased chance of being accepted to the university. But even if you’re not focused on getting your child to the university, they still need L1R5 of 8 and below for certain poly courses with the Singapore curriculum of today, which is why so many parents require O level tuition in Singapore.

Importance of O’Level tuition in Singapore

Every child in Singapore has to face the GCE Ordinary Level Examinations as an important milestone in their academic life. The O’Level exams work like the main sieves for students by determining the next step for each child. Good performance means a child continues to a good poly or JC, while a bad grade can be frustrating as the child will have fewer choices of where to go next.

Your teenage child does not have to make the decision on where they want to go next after O’Level. This will take care of itself when they have good scores because then they will have the freedom to make their own independent choice. They can even take three years to make up their mind of what to do if they have good grades, as O’Level results have a 3 year validity period. They will also be able to get opportunities in overseas universities easily if they have good scores.

No parent should downplay the importance of O’Level examinations in making the child a high achiever in life. If you want to be proud of your child following completion of their secondary school examinations then you should facilitate this by enrolling them for the bet tuition facilities.

Private home tuition vs. tuition centers

Tuition centers offer cheaper rate than private home tutors, and most parents seeking tuition for their secondary school children will normally end up taking this option. What most parents don’t realize initially is that tuition centers use a similar teaching model with classroom teaching because they have other students in the same group. Because of the big numbers of students at tuition centers, most students don’t get the individualized attention that should be accorded to them during tuition. So although you will be paying high amounts of tuition fees, the teachers at the tuition centers won’t be capable of properly gauging the skills your teenage child is lacking. The lesson plans at tuition centers are structured to fit the majority, which is the average student. In order to make the most out of O level tuition in Singapore, a more focused approach can be taken through the engagement of specialized home tutors.

Our private home O’Level tutors will give your child 100% individualized attention. They will structure the lessons depending on your child’s level of mastery, skills lacking and their learning pace. Individualized O’Level tuition has been proven to be more effective in getting children interested in their studies, satisfying their individual learning needs and requirements and eventually helping them improve their grades.