N Level Tuition

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Are you getting frustrated in looking for N level tutors who know the SEAB N Level syllabus? Or are you simply looking for a tutor for the ordinary technical subjects in the N level syllabus? You have come to the right place. Our reputable tuition agency has a database of skilled and reliable N level tutors for your child’s tuition needs.

The N Level Program

After doing their Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), students in Singapore may be placed in four main streams as they their transition to secondary schools. Based on their grades, a child is placed in Norma (Technical), Normal (Academic), Express, or Integrated Program.

Students who are placed in Normal Technical and Normal Academic streams (N level) may have to undertake an N Levels Examination after 5 years of secondary school, or/and GCE O’Level exam after 5 years. This is actually their entrance exam for the post-secondary education level. The N level exams thus play a major role in determining the direction your child takes for post-secondary education and consequently their life career.

How Will Enrolling Your Child To N Level Tuition Help Them?

N level tuition seems to be tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. This tuition is very important as it can prepare your child for their N level exam to determine their post-secondary education.

In secondary school, the teachers are overwhelmed with work and are unable to carter for individual learning needs of each child. Because of work overload, classroom teachers are only capable of assisting your child to a certain level. For your child to have a better and deeper understanding of his/her N Level subjects, he/she requires individualized attention, and this is where quality result-oriented N level tuition comes in.

There is no perfect or appropriate time for enrolling your child for N level tuition. At our agency, we mostly advice parents to request for our professional N level tutors as soon as possible so that the child is not stressed when exams are approaching.

Get Quality N Level Tuition Right Here in Singapore

It has been proven that starting your child early on N level tuition may be the best way to get them to score high grads in their N Level exams. The tuition market is flooded by cheap N level tuition centers. However these centers are not capable of giving your child a one-on-one tuition because the lessons are structured as per the needs of the majority. Our private home N Level tutors are a better option since they will be able to gauge the potential of your child and structure their lessons appropriately to adequately carter for their needs.

Our N level tutors have a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus of SEAB N level and as a result will be able to quickly identify the areas your child is finding difficulty with. Working with our agency will help you save on both time and money since our tutors will ensure that you get value for your money and give you the guarantee of improved results.

Our database consists of trained N level tutors who are specialized in different subject areas including science, maths, English and Chinese among others. Our tutors will conduct their lessons according to your schedule in the security of your own home. We pre-interview our tutors before sending them to you in order to ensure that they match your preferred level of experience, subjects, race, gender and timings. We also offer some of the most competitive O’Level tuition rates in the island and we employ better trained and experienced private home tutors on a regular basis.

Our main objective is to make sure that your child aces their N level exams and we do this by employing the most revered teaching methodologies which will adequately prepare your child for success.