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Every student undertaking studies must take up the math subject, which is highly revered for its ability to help students develop multiple skills including critical thinking. Math’s can also be applied in real life situations and in everyday careers like accounting and banking.

The math’s curriculum in Singapore is intense as it has been repeatedly revised by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Because of the increase in complexity, more students seek math tuition to improve their grades in math. The demand for mathematics tutors with experience and the right attitude has thus been on the record high.

Our math’s tutors are amongst the best in Singapore as proven by the feedback from our past and present clients. Our team of expert math tutors covers all stages of math tuition from primary, secondary and h1/h2 junior college. Our tutors have been engaged in guiding students undertaking IB or IP math’s tuition, H1/H2 Math Tuition for JC, E Maths for O-levels (elementary maths) and also A maths (additional maths).

Importance of Math Tuition in Singapore

Most parents have echoed to us the difficulty in starting off children in maths. For this reason, you cannot afford to let your young child develop a negative attitude towards maths from an early stage. Math tuition can help your child get more curious and become more attentive to understanding even maths basics.

The truth is that there is no way your child will escape maths as part of their studies. Yet maths is a complex subject that requires deep understanding of the basic concepts to develop a strong foundation for advanced maths. Maths concepts develop on one another and if your child doesn’t understand one concept then it will be challenging for them to understand the next. It is important that you give your child a solid math foundation by hiring for them a PSLE maths tutor and H2 math tutor.

An ideal math tutor in Singapore should be able break down the complex math concepts for your child in a flexible way. Our math tutors make math learning fun for your child. This makes is easy for children to understand the basic concepts and consequently the more difficult topics as their learning advances.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Singapore Maths Tutor from Us

Private home math tuition, unlike maths tuition centers, gives children an individualized attention. This is why people who have taken their children for maths tuition at tuition centers in Singapore have been disappointed and have found more success with private home tuition. Our tuition agency provides quality one on one tutor-student approach to maths coaching. This has been proven to be more effective in helping children improve their maths understanding and scores. If you are in doubt that a private maths tutor is what your child needs, perhaps the following 3 reasons will help convince you of the same.

  1. Maths is an extremely engaging subject and where most students develop healthy competition. Most students in Singapore know that scoring an A in maths is the ultimate proof of your high intelligence or learning abilities. Students complete in scores for maths test in H2 maths, A-levels, O Level and PSLE. A maths tutor for your child will help your child get to the top of the competition through thorough guidance with the maths concepts.
  2. All students in Singapore are required to undertake the mathematics subject. In some stages like O Levels, students are required to take double maths; A-math and E math.
  3. The Ministry of Education categorizes mathematics as an important foundation subject for technical competency and science at high levels.

Find a Levels H2 Maths, O-Level maths and PSLE maths tutors

We employ a rigorous selection process for employing our maths tutors. To ensure that we get your child a suitable tutor who can match their personality and thus be comfortable with them, we interview a selection of tutors and gauge their confidence. We also let parents pre-interview potential maths tutors from our agency over the phone, and in special circumstances in person, so that they are confident with the tutor we will assign their child.

Out tuition agency takes pride in ensuring that we only give you the best tutors who will not only make learning fun for your child, but also see them realize improved math’s score within the shortest time possible.

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