Malay Tuition

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Why Learn Malay

Learning Malay as a Singaporean will give you the advantage to be able to conduct business with confidence with the neighboring countries. Moreover, one good thing about learning any language is it helps the learners know the culture of the people, allowing the learners to interact with them in a proper manner. The same is also true for the Singaporeans eager to learn Malay.   

Multinational companies that set up their headquarters in Singapore usually look for employees that have language skills and are able to communicate with the neighboring countries, like Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia.

As one of the four major languages in Singapore, it is important to teach the children who are Malay descendants to learn their mother tongue and culture so that they can pass these to the next generation. Moreover, when they will travel to the Malay speaking countries, they will know what is expected of them and easily communicate with their relatives.

Because English and Mandarin are mostly used in Singapore, other major languages, such as Malay are often neglected. It could be because that finding enough time to learn another language coupled with school or office work does not fit into one’s schedule. However, getting help from a private tutor may solve this problem.

Private Tutors

If you are in Singapore and interested to learn Malay, private tutors would be the best option for you to learn the language, allowing you to communicate across borders with confidence. Learning the language will also help you get familiar with the Malay speaking people’s cultures. As a result, when you will meet someone from a different country, you will already have a good idea about their history, how the language was developed and in general, you will be able to connect with them properly.  

If you are a Malay descent who is living in Singapore and would like your children to learn the language, having a private tutor will be the best option for you. You can arrange for as many lessons as you want in a week or month. Customizing the course will help accommodate their specific educational needs. Unlike the classroom lessons, you children will have a private tutor who will get along with them well.


Learning Malay in Singapore with a private tutor who is familiar with the Malay MOE syllabus is the best way to learn this language. These tutors will teach the language to all the students belonging from preschool to Junior College.

Don’t let your children or yourself lose out by not being able to learn Malay. Ask for a private tutor and get to know the language and culture from the professional tutors of your choice.

It does not have to be for students only, since private tutors are available for those Singaporeans or foreigners who are eager to learn how to speak Malay as per their convenience.