Literature Tuition

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If you are in search for tuition for literature, then this is a good place to start looking. You will find the perfect combination for humanities tuition like social studies, history, geography and literature.

There are different levels of literature tutors available from undergraduate students who studied literature in in secondary school to graduates, full time tutors and even teachers. A lot of the tutors you will find have a background in humanities with degrees or concentrate in English and/or literature. The most experienced tutors have practiced teaching literature for years and are well updated with current content like 1958 and chronicles of death.

From O-level to A-level, the best tutors are available for different requirements of students. You can conveniently skip tuition centers and get a private tutor who is well experience for face to face learning.

Literature: O level humanities subject

Young children from the age of thirteen or fourteen are faced with the subject of literature because the subject is compulsory from lower secondary school level. If the students have a good control of the English language at this level, literature is not usually a problem. It is usually simple and student get to pass without issues.

When students move to the higher secondary school level and are required to at least one humanities subject for GCE O-levels examination, history, literature and geography are the available choices. Literature is usually the minimum picked because students are more interested in other things or they they don’t think they can do well in it.

The popular literature writer, William Shakespeare, is considered a nightmare by students. A student without a strong tutor’s guide will find the language structure overwhelming. For example, differentiating from ‘thou’ and ‘thy’ can be a big problem for students.

Due to the amount of students and limited time, teachers at school might not be capable to properly explain everything to every student. A student with problems in English language will experience some hurdles in the area of literature without a tutor. A literature teacher will uncover poetic meanings, simplify intricate sentences and teach strategic question answering methods to help students excel.

H1/H2, A-levels literature tuition

A-level literature is tougher than literature in O-level and literature in JC level is well-known to be 10 times more difficult than IB literature papers. H1/H2 literature is demanding as is evident from the syllabus.

It is more difficult to find a matching tutor for this difficult subject because of difference in materials. History tuition uses the same materials everywhere but different junior colleges have different materials for literature that the tutor must review to teach well. A tutor can be teaching three different students and have 10 different types of books to go through simultaneously.

Literature at A-levels is difficult and finding a private tutor is a blessing. Good tutors can help students learn to involve in interpretation considering the cultural and political history and context to interpret meanings. Students can learn to use the correct theories needed for success. Students can learn the special skill of close reading and interpret meanings in texts for an A grade.

Common literature tuition rates

Level/training of tutorLower secondaryUpper secondaryJunior collegeInternational schoolUniversity
School teacher$60 – $70$65 – $80$90 – $120$70 – $90
Part time tutor$25 – $35$30 – $40$50 – $60$30 – $50$60 – $70
Full time tutor$35 – $45$45 – $50$60 – $75$40 – $60$80 – $120

A-level, O-level, IB, IP literature tuition

If you are in need for a tutor in humanities then this is the best place for top notch literature, social studies, history and geography tutors. No matter the tutoring requirements or literature texts of the student, we will do the best to get the perfect match for your request.

Finding a suitable literature tutor is important so there is no time to waste on agencies that will not have what you need. Reach us today for O-level, A-level, IB and IP literature tuition to provide the true help that students need.