JC Tuition

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JC or Junior College is a very critical stage of students’ lives because this is the time they have to choose to take the path of A level program and this path leads to one important destination, which is succeeding in getting into a university. It is more of a do-or-die situation for many students who are under tremendous pressure from parents, teachers and peers alike. It is a 2-year academic course.

The scariest part is that if you can’t make it to the university, you pretty much have no other alternative in your academic lives. It is like either you get admitted to a university or be prepared for a life-long misery and downfalls. On the other hand, students of Polytechnics can always opt for a substitute and do a diploma.

Thus, at this point in time a JC student has to take private tuitions to excel in their exams and ascertain their future. JC students are mature enough to evaluate them on their strengths and weaknesses. This means they can easily realize the specific subjects they lag behind in or are struggling to understand. They can speak with the private tutors on their own comfort and share their struggles. This will create a stronger relationship between the tutor and the student and will help tutor to only but thoroughly emphasize on the concepts that the students don’t understand.

If you are still wondering why you should get a personal JC tuition, keep reading!

We understand that the students entering their JC level are already traumatized by the prevailing notion of its challenging environment and how it is hard to cope with the subjects. Without doubt, the level of difficulty of JC is high because it is meant to prepare students for A levels and subsequently for the university. Moreover, they are also expected to pass their mother tongue exams as well as the project work. Apart from that, they also have CCAs to cope up with. With all these pressures, they usually crash and burn.

If that’s your child’s situation then you need to realize that he or she is in dire need of a private JC tuition centre. But that’s not a situation to panic. In Singapore, there is a wide array of various tutors. The matter of concern may be to decide if you’d like to choose a JC tuition center or JC tuition. Indeed, a tuition center is a cheaper option but not a very viable one. On the other hand, there are multiple advantages of getting a private tutor for your JC kid. Let’s discuss them in detail below:

Contrast between tuition centers and private tuitions

A tuition center basically caters to a group of students simultaneously. This means that learning of individual child is hindered at the very basic level. Each child has their own learning capacity and strength and may not be able to match pace with their other tuition colleagues. Moreover, each student will have their own strengths and weaknesses, it is highly possible that a tutor in a tuition center is focusing on a particular subject that your child already knows but other children don’t. So, in such a scenario the whole time of your child is being wasted and they will not come out learning anything new in that time.

On the other hand, a private tutor offers flexibility in visiting your house to give tuitions to your child rather than you travelling with your child all the way to the center. More than that, a private tutor will be able to assess your child in an effective manner and will evaluate how the child understand or picks up concepts. This will help him adopt a teaching technique that he will use on your child for maximum effectiveness. This way, you child will be able to get 100% of the tutor’s attention and time and the teaching methodology will be exclusive to your child’s learning capacity and skills.