IP Tuition

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As a parent, who wouldn’t want their child to get into one of the best Junior Colleges in Singapore? We understand that this matter also stresses you to think about having your child get the best IP tuitions so that they excel in this domain and outshine the competition. To perform well and achieve great results in the IP or Integrated Program, it is important for your child to get the best tuitions available for IP students.

If you think that getting outstanding IP tuition or personal IP tutors is difficult, you have come to the right place because we will tell you how easily accessible personal tutors are for IP education.

What Is Integrated Program and Why Does Your Child Need IP Tuition?

In Singapore, where educational levels are reaching new heights every year, IP is a program that helps students broaden their understanding of various critical dimensions to give them a great head-start for college and university education. IP education is usually aimed for the high-performing students so that their analytical skills can be honed and they may be well prepared to graduate directly to a Junior College while skipping the traditional GCE O level examinations stage.   

Moreover, once they take the Integrated Program and are well prepared with all the skills required in an advanced stage, they may save their time to do more efficient things, such as pursuing their passion in other areas of interests and concentrate on acquiring soft skills to enhance their creative aspects.

Now, coming to the question, why is IP tuitions a necessity for your child? IP syllabus is challenging with a complicated set of modules, which further depends on the IP School your kid has been enrolled in. Another challenging part is that each IP school has its own unique curriculum for IP education. Thus, it is important for you to look for a personal IP tutor who has been in the profession for a while and knows different dynamics of IP modules in different schools.

Tuition agencies usually aim to offer specialized and personal IP tutors who have helped hundreds of students excel in their A levels examinations and optimize their time in acquiring a range of other skills.

Scope of IP Home Tuition Services

With personal IP tuitions, there are a range of benefits that your child may get, covering various and difficult subjects that the program entails. The whole tuition program is designed to accommodate your child’s learning capabilities and is customizable as per the methodology that suits your child the best. Each tuition program is tailor-made as per the school the child is enrolled in and his/her understanding level. This makes the IP tuition sessions productive, effective and a great source of learning for the children.

  • Math IP Home Tuition

A personal IP tutor for mathematics will help your child get the required skills and knowledge not merely to pass the specific IP exam but also to train him/her for A levels mathematics course. The tutor will help your child in understanding Trigonometry, Calculus, Algebra, Series and Sequences, Geometry, Stats and other math domains.

  • English IP Home Tuition

The tutor will cover a range of skill and knowledge development domains, including comprehension, summarizing techniques, narratives, argumentative writing, and tips and techniques for critical reflections along with other needed skills.

  • Chemistry IP Home Tuition

This ranges from organic chemistry to domains of physical chemistry and understanding of chemistry principles and diverse elements, etc.

  • Science IP Home Tuition

The science home tutor is fully equipped with using pedagogical approach in helping the children understand various scientific concepts and make deductions.

  • Physics IP Home Tuition

As far as IP education for Physics is concerned, let’s agree that it is not as easy as the one we study in our O levels. It entails a higher level of understanding to solve unorthodox queries that the IP examinations include. Only a home IP tutor can dedicate time and energy on a child to enhance their skills on this aspect.