IGCSE Tuition

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Our professional private home tutors have helped thousands of Singapore students with their IGCSE tuition assignments weekly.  Our pride is in recommending professional experienced tutors who understand the needs of children in international schools. Take advantage of our free enquiry services and get the best IGCSE tutor for your international school going child.

About the IGCSE Program

The IGCSE program is examinable by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) as a two-year program. It is currently one of the most popular academic qualification internationally for 14-16 year old students. The IGCSE curriculum covered a wide range of subjects including mathematics, languages, and humanities, vocational and technical. Many of the subjects are offered in basic levels standard/foundational or higher levels (HL or SL).

There are a number of private schools in Singapore that offer IGCSE examinations. Some of these schools include; Hwa Chong International School, Dover Court International School, One World International School Singapore and GEMS World Academy among others.

The debate over which is more difficult between IGCSE exams and GCSE exams is one that is hard  to arrive at a verdict on. One thing that is certain however is that more international school students today are seeking IGCSE tuition in many subjects including English and literature tuition, chemistry, physics, English and maths.

Why Children in Singapore Take IGCSE Tuition

The style followed by Cambridge’s IGCSE is similar to that of traditional O-Level, which is quite difficult to comprehend. In fact, most scholars would consider these exams one of the toughest to master.

There are various forms of testing IGCSE students including coursework, oral assessments, written assessment and also practical assessments. For the syllabus to remain relevant, the IGCSE syllabus undergoes regular review and updates. Students have the freedom to take up a diversity of subjects according to their preference.

Because most students in Singapore take study the ordinary curriculum by the MOE and take traditional GCE O’Level exams, parents looking for IGCSE tutors can get extremely frustrated because of their limited numbers. Most parents end up opting for past IGCSE students who are either in undergraduate or graduate school, or the more difficult to find full time IGCSE & IB tutors.

Our tuition agency recognizes the fact that there are few IGCSE tutors, but we don’t use that to take advantage of parents seeking these tuition services. We have a database of IB/IBCSE tutors who are qualified and extremely knowledgeable of the career, and are willing to give their services at an affordable tuition rate. Send us a request for an IGCSE tutor and we will find you one that meets your needs and requirements as fast as possible.

Why Find An IGCSE Tutor From Our Tuition Agency?

Our tutors have helped thousands of students who have performed admirably in their IGCSE exams. Reviews and testimonials of students prove that our IGCSE tutors are experienced and handle the tuition needs of your child at a personal basis.

Most of our IGCSE tutors have been through the system and understand the level of dedication and mentoring required for international students to pass their exams. We also pre-interview the tutors we recommend and does a background check on them. Some of the qualities we look out for are their grades in the IGCSE exams they took, the scholarships they received and some of the award they got. This way we make sure that we only recommend the best tutors for your child.

You have a good reason to request us for an IGCSE tutor if you not only want someone to couch your child to help them attain good grades but also to mentor them to be high achievers and self-motivated students, which is the main aim of the IGCSE syllabus.