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If you are looking for history tuition for your student in Singapore then look no further than here. Our tuition agency has a database of private tutors specialized in all humanities combinations.  We will be able to recommend to you humanity tutors in combinations of: pre/combined Humanities, Social Studies/Geography/History.

Are you looking for combined humanities (Social Studies/history) for your O’Level child or H2 tuition? You can trust us to avail to you the most experienced tutors for the specific combination and level of study. We understand that tuition centers can be difficult to deal with and that most of them don’t give individualized attention to the learner and so the improvements take time to take effect. This is why we have designed as easy sign up process which will enable you to get a private home tutor for your child in the shortest time possible.

History as a Humanities Subject in O’Level

The debate on which is more important between the future, the present and the past did not begin today. In fact, this debate is what forms the basis of the humanities subject. There is scientific evidence that evolution is what has enabled society to transform to its current state. Can this past evidence be used to determine future evolutions? This is something that history students have to enquire everyday as they interact with the past.

The history of past events and past mistakes made by generations before us is what we can learn from to create a more desirable and sustainable future. Some people have questioned whether history is relevant or not, but this also is a subject of debate.

History is important for young students to learn because it helps them to connect the past with the present and understand the direction that society is taking for the future. History also helps young learners to understand different cultures. History helps your child to gain different skills in addition to being sympathetic, inquisitive, discerning and balanced and also to be more knowledgeable of the future.

The history tutors in our agency are able to customize the history tutor lessons for your child and help them become more interested in the studies. In turn, this will make your child be more proactive in learning and get better grades.

Private Tutors for H1/H2 History in the A-Levels

History is not really a very complex humanities subject. But it requires a lot of concentration and good memory. In Junior College (JC) students have higher expectations for their achievement in history. Not only are students expected to have thorough understanding of history subjects, they must also be able to make logical arguments and interpret the sources of information.

A-Levels history students in Singapore must be able to memorize a lot of historical content including facts, complex historical themes and the diversities in societies and periods. The students must also have good note taking skills and the ability to write good essays.

History subject demands a lot from students and this can be overwhelming without a private history tutor. Our agency history tutors have vast skills and will be able to teach your child good note taking skills, creation of mind maps, and interpretation of data sources.

IP, IB, O-Level or A-Level History Tuition Singapore

Are you looking for the best private home humanities tuition? We offer tutors both for combined and pure humanities, MOE humanities, and both female and male tutors. Our prices are flexible and we regularly interview our tutors to ensure that they’re providing the best services and that your child is making progress in their history grades.

Sign up with us today for the best offers in IP, IB, O-Level, and A-Level tuition and have your child assigned a private home tutor who is able to understand their unique requirements and tailor their tuition.

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