Group Tuition vs Home Tuition

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Over at Learniva, we are often asked about whether private one-to-one tuition or group tuition at a tuition centre is more suitable for their child. It is a question that has split many observers and education experts. More so that ever, we believe that education is the best place to start by giving your child the advantage over his or her peers, and as such, you are in good hands.

According to the Straits Times, more than 80% of Singaporean households have, in some form or another, extra help at tuition centres or in-home tuition. This has become a necessity in Singapore, with demands being placed on our children.

Parents often wonder what type of tuition is suitable and yields the best improvements for their child. Here are some reasons why you should choose a home tutor over a tuition centre.

Undivided Attention

The most crucial advantage private home tuition has over tuition centres is the attention provided by the tutor to your child. Unlike in a group tuition setting, where the class dynamics and the ability of the teacher to gain your child’s attention, home tuition offers your child undisrupted access to the tutor. This allows for personalised help to your child and help’s the tutor to make an accurate assessment of your child’s needs and weaknesses. Your child will benefit greatly from the Q&A and guidance specially catered for your child, without the distractions of a classroom setting with other students. We have seen tremendous improvements from students, whose parents switched over from tuition centres.


With the demands placed on students these days, having a packed schedule is the norm. As adults, we have to juggle both work and the needs of our children. As such, home tuition removes the hassle of travelling for the student and parent as it takes place in the comfort of your own home. This allows more rest and recreation time for your child, as they can come home after a long day at school, have their meals and prepare for the class. This allows them to be more rested, focused and engaged while having tuition.


Unlike the fixed class schedules of tuition centres, where you would still have to pay for the lessons that your child miss, a home tutor offers greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and cancelled classes. Should your child require more help nearing the exam period, extra classes can be scheduled. Should they have a heavy workload and commitment in a school CCA, lessons can be rescheduled easily.

Personalised Lessons

Lessons with a home tutor can be personalized and truly catered to your child’s needs. Unlike in a tuition centre where teachers have to cater to the differing needs and abilities of each child, and the pacing as well as topics covered in a class can vary, home tutors can monitor your child’s progress and weaknesses a lot closer, and offer lessons and help that is most targeted to your child’s needs.

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