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Do you find it difficult to score good marks in GP? Does it often happen that you don’t get good marks in General Paper even after preparing your best? Have you ever wondered why you are scoring either ‘S’ or ‘U’ again and again?

There is no need to be distressed because you are not alone. There are many students who find the General Paper (GP) difficult, though this substitute of English is a compulsory subject at A-Level exams in Singapore and all students who enter JCs and Millenia Institute are tested in GP.

Why GP (General Paper) Seems So Difficult?

As per SEAB norms, syllabus of GP is the next level to English and every student needs to be familiar with English. In secondary school, students can easily get away writing short stories and expository essays, but GP students are not allowed to do so.

In General Paper, writing an essay is different as it requires good English skills and knowledge of various subjects, such as politics, economics, history, philosophy, current developments, science and many others. The knowledge about these subjects is necessary because students need to write long and formal essays on these topics. Moreover, they are expected to present their views critically. Thus, the students struggle on both fronts; i.e., English and these general topics.

Benefits of GP Tuition

To get good grades in GP, a student is required to think critically and their thoughts should be mature enough to construct cogent arguments. Further, the student should be an independent thinker and proficient in using the English Language. Moreover, they should give enough time to study and memorize facts on various topics even if they seem boring.

This is the situation when GP tuition will prove to be beneficial because GP tuition will guide the student in the right direction. A well experienced GP tutor usually helps pinpoint the weaknesses of a student and help them overcome their weaknesses, thereby helping the students in gaining confidence. GP tuition also enhances the students’ knowledge and skills through practice exercises and papers of essays and comprehension.

The charges of tuition differ according to the experience of the GP tutors. Some of the tutors are so experienced that they can accurately predict the examination topic. These tutors belong to the expert category and with their experience of numerous general paper assignments, they help the students improve their grades.

Which is Better – Self-Study or GP Tuition?

When a student decides to do the learning all by themselves, they may face difficulty in many ways. This step taken by the student should be appreciated, but one thing that needs attention is that GP is not the only subject they have to study. There are many subjects and while juggling with all of them, the student may get confused or not get better ideas. In GP, it is necessary for every student to know the details of topic and analyze the crucial points of that topic. This is the difficult part of self-studying because while studying too many subjects, the thoughts don’t generate properly in the student’s mind.  

However, this is not the problem when the student goes for GP tuition. They may receive apposite knowledge, and all the common mistakes and difficulties in writing essays and comprehension papers may be easily resolved. Moreover, the experience of GP tutors imparts valuable knowledge to the students and helps them score good grades.

Thus, in order to attain the best guidance and support for General Paper, it’s always better to go for GP tutors. After all, the aim is to get good grades, and GP tutors with their experience and vast knowledge can help the students achieve these with confidence.

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