Geography Tuition

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Examinations could be coming up and you require a personal geography tutor. Whether you need help in just geography or would like combined tutorship like geography and social studies or history, we have numerous, well qualified personal tutors to bring you any combination of humanities tuition including social studies, history and geography.

Whether you want to study lower secondary school geography for more knowledge or you are about to take your O-level geography exam, you can leave your geography tuition assignment to us. No need for bothersome geography tuition centers, take a fem minutes for our simple sign-up process and be on your way to effective one on one geography tuition.

First presentation in secondary school geography

Around secondary one or two is when students initially get exposed to geography. The subject comes off as uninteresting and requires the memorizing of many facts. Because of this, many students do not do well in geography and need some extra help.

Geography is really an interesting subject that is worth learning. According to the syllabus, geography students are supposed to gather many skills a they learn about the human and physical phenomenon on earth and contemporary socio-environmental issues in different cultures and areas of the earth.

Students receive extra help with tuition learn to master the subject and also acquire analytical abilities, research and gathering skills and useful information about what happens in our physical world.

Do not stall on getting O-level geography tuition. You can get expert geography tuition from our tutors who help students develop a passion for geography and excel in their examinations.

A-level personal tutors for H1/H2, JC Geography

When compared to social studies or history, geography is one of the harder humanities subjects. The difficulty level for geography increases on the Junior College level. With terms like Atmospheric process and Lithospheric Process, it is undeniable that the subject is not easy.

Geography student in Junior College require a wide knowledge and deep understanding of theories of geography. They need to memorize plenty of tiresome facts and be able to present intelligent and reasonable arguments in writing.

With the level of skills required, English is often times required with geography tuition. Students can find personal tutors who cover different areas. We have experienced English and humanities tutors to teach skills and examination content to students. Any student will achieve a lot at JC with this help.

Common geography tuition rates

Level/training of tutorLower secondaryUpper secondaryJunior collegeInternational schoolUniversity
School teacher$60 – $70$65 – $80$90 – $120$70 – $90
Part time tutor$25 – $35$30 – $40$50 – $60$30 -$50$60 – $70
Full time tutor$35 – $45$45 – $50$60 – $75$40 – $60$80 – $120

O-level, A-level, GCSE geography tuition

If you have decided that you will benefit from geography tuition, this is the best place to start looking. Ur reliable tuition agency will provide your desired private geography tutors.

We make the very best tutors available for geography, history and social studies. To provide you with the best tuition experience, we match the best level of tutor with the best rates for you.

Whether you want a male or female, pure or combined humanities tutor, we are capable of meeting your tuition needs.

Reach us today for O-level, A-level or GCSE geography tuition for a great opportunity for your child. Our tuition agency will work at top form to provide your matching tutoring requirements and get an effective tutor for your child. We will bring the best geography tuition experience to you.