English Tuition

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In Singapore, English is main language of instruction, and is used in our everyday lives be it in school, or at work. That said, it is the main language for most Singaporeans and as such, it is important for our children to be proficient it in. Moreover, it has been noticed that children with the ability to speak English well usually excel at other important subjects, such as Math, Science, History, Economics and Literature.

Being able to read and write in English has some other advantages as well, such as better career opportunities and being able to communicate globally. There are many international companies that have their headquarters in the South East Asia region, including Singapore. As a result, having a good command over English will help your child have a better future.  

Even though one of the greatest advantages of knowing English well is related to the career prospects, it is probably more important where all the subjects that a student is studying are taught in English in order for him or her to obtain A’s in those subjects.

Why Choose Private English Tuition in Singapore

There are many reasons why you should consider arranging private tutoring at home for your children in order for them to master the English language. In this day of the social media and the general conversation that the younger generation has, a lot of slang words and expressions are used; which may have a negative impact on the way they speak or write in English.

Moreover, it is often not the first language of many Singaporeans at home; therefore, the only exposure your child may get to speaking English is at school or with friends and that’s why English tuition is becoming essential in Singapore.

Benefits of Private Tutoring

Since it is compulsory for all students to learn English in Singapore, you can arrange private tutoring for your child to master this language. There are numerous benefits your child might avail and one of them is that you will get a teacher that your children will interact with well and get personal attention from as per their specific learning style. In Singapore, there is a growing number of private tutors and so you will be able to find out the right tutor for your child who will teach him/her in the most effective manner.

As a parent, you definitely want your child to score A’s in all his/her subject. But General Paper is the most important subject which is usually required to get admission into a university. Using a private tutor, you will not only assure that your child will get the attention he/she needs to ensure good grades in English exams but you will also be able to identify the areas that your child is struggling with.

Moreover, your schedule might be too tight for you to give the necessary attention that your child requires in order for him/her to do well in English. Having a private tutor will save your time and help you have the peace of mind that your child is getting the help he/she needs.

O Level and A Level

Even though a lot of O-and A-level students do well in all their subjects, they often have to struggle to pass the A Level General Paper. As a result, many of them become unable to enter a reputed university. If your child is struggling with English and you would like him/her to get a good grasp of this international language from an early age, we have teachers here in Singapore that caters every age group.