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Economics is a new subject for most students so it turns out to be hard. Students who used random answering techniques previously discover that it does not seem to work anymore at the JC1 level. IB students are just starting out with the subject of economics so it is very new and different. Having problems with economics is common and not a shameful thing. Getting a home tutor is the right step to solve the problem especially if you are looking for Economics Tuition in Singapore.

Economics for JC, IB and A-levels

Economics is explained as a broad term touching the scientific study of human action, especially as it relates to human choice and the use of resources that are in short supply. To put is very simply, economics is how human beings behave to attain certain results with the presumption that there are limited resources.

Economics is divided into two main parts. Microeconomics which which centers on companies and people within the economy and macroeconomics which focuses on high up national and governmental decisions.

Some typical topics in economics are firms and how they operate, market allocation, market failures, fiscal policies, opportunity cost, economic indicators and so on and this summarizes Economics Tuition in Singapore.

Why JC, IB and A-levels students struggle with Economics

After taking a look at some of the topics mentioned above, they might seem confusing. Some people who have never looked at anything concerning economics before will consider fiscal policies and market allocation very odd topics. A lot of students who begin the study of economics have no idea what the subject is all about.

Economics is not taught from a very tender age like science or mathematics so a lot of students are not hopeful about learning or mastering the topic. A lot of students only begin learning economics at IB or JC levels. Students generally assume that economics is very hard because they are not familiar with it and they do not understand it in its basic nature. The fact is economics is not an easy subject. But with adequate guidance and meticulousness, one can master economics and be victorious over it.

JC, IB and A-levels Economics answering techniques

Students struggle with the basic concepts of economics, they also struggle with answering techniques for economics examinations. In IB and A-level, examinations for economics usually have two main papers which are essay questions and study case questions. Students will face tests where they need to understand and solve case studies answer quantitative data based data response questions and answer higher order questions that might be based on principles of economics.

Without understanding the background of the subject or having past dealings with such questions, students will make weak attempts to write a lot for the essay questions. Very few students will actually get a pass mark in an exam without proper techniques.

Tutors for JC, IB and A-levels Economics

Economics is a new subject and it is not uncomplicated. There is a combination of calculations and theories in economics as well as brand new ideas and jargons. Students who want to do well in economics have to gain an understanding of the theories, know how to structure their answers and have experience plus practice to apply this during exams.

This task might be daunting for students since they still have to excel at other subjects. There are tutors available on different professional levels to help students learn economics. A private tutor can:

  • Walk students through from one topic to the next
  • Include entertainment and flavor into the learning process
  • Provide an excellent understanding of the subject
  • Provide a platform for discussion
  • Help students build a good structure for answering exam questions

JC, IB and A-levels Economics tuition rates

It is not an easy task, but it is possible to find an economics tutor. The tuition rates are affordable and the environment is convenient. For every level from JC to A-levels, good tutors can be found to fit specific requirements.

Level/training of tutorJunior collegeInternational schoolUniversity level
School teacher$90 – $120$70 – $90
Part time tutor$50 – $60$30 – $50$60 – $70
Full time tutor$60 – $80$40 – $60$80 – $120