Chemistry Tuition

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Chemistry is a subject that is taken by over half of the students who are a part of the Singapore secondary education system. Students get to do regular school based tests and at the completion of their training take a test by the Ministry of Education (MOE). The Ministry of Education test chemistry students through School-Based Science Practical Assessments and chemistry theory examination papers where a wide range of skills is tested.

Finding a trustable chemistry tutor may be a big step to ensuring that they score well in their tests. We provide some of the most competent online private tutors in Singapore, and our part clients have given testimonials to this effect. We have experienced tutors with in-depth understanding of the chemistry curriculum. With our tutors, you child will be taught topics such as organic chemistry, chemistry formulas, the periodic table, and others in a personal level that will enhance their understanding.

Our skilled and diverse chemistry tutors can assist your child from any level starting from the basic which is secondary school, to IB, IP, Junior colleges, tertiary and polytechnics levels. Unlike other chemistry tuition centers, we will offer one-on-one guidance to your child.

Tuition for Combined/Pure O-Level Chemistry

The syllabus for chemistry 2015 O-Level aims at equipping chemistry students with sufficient level of mastery of chemistry to make them adequately informed. The course includes topics on the importance of chemistry in daily life, environmental and social issues that are related to chemical usage, energy and chemical industries, and the worlds finite resources.

An ideal chemistry tutor available in Singapore in addition to helping your son/daughter to score well in their tests and get good grades in the GCE O’Level Chemistry Examinations, will also assist your child in having an enhanced understanding of how to apply science in their everyday life, understand scientific models (their applicability and limitations), create some curiosity and interest in scientific discovery issues and also prepare them for advance studies should they wish to still pursue chemistry after O-levels.

Chemistry is a wonderful and interesting subject. Don’t let your child to fight with understanding simple topics like the atomic structure when you can employ an O-level, IB or IP tutor for them.

Tuition for H1/H2 JC A-Level Chemistry

A-level chemistry may be very difficult and the pressure for students to deeply understand complex chemistry topics like optical isomers, reaction kinetics and halogen derivatives among others. It is thus no surprise that the number of students seeking JC chemistry tuition is greater than that of students seeking secondary school chemistry tuition. A- Level chemistry is also characterized by the demanding JC1-2 practical assessment and extremely difficult A-level exams.

Why is Chemistry Tuition Important in Singapore?

Chemistry is more of a theory than a practical subject, and with good studying methods and study plan, your child will certainly have an easy time understanding the topics.

Our chemistry tutors have experience from teaching students from all levels and with a wide range of ability in understanding. Our tutors take a topic by topic approach for simplifying complex aspects of chemistry and breaking down formulas. Our tutors will also guide your child in making chemistry notes, which is an effective way of helping students to maximize the efficiency of their study.

Taking only chemistry lessons in their JC class is not enough for some students because group teachings don’t give individual attention. This means your child can lag behind in complex topics like organic chemistry. With a chemistry tutor however, your child will have someone to further explain to them the topics aside from ensuring that they have understood it; thus placing them in a better position than their classmates who don’t take tuition and improving their chances of getting A grade.

Chemistry is a fascinating subject but it can also be a reason for your child to hate school if they don’t understand the topics. Our tuition agency offers chemistry tuition for IP or IB, H1/H2, JC, A-Level and O-Levels. Contact us today for the most suitable home tutor that will not only be your child’s friend but will also fulfill their individual chemistry tuition requirements.

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