AEIS Tuition

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We are amongst the top private home tuition providers in Singapore. Our tutors are able to attend to your child at the comfort of your home no matter what place in the Island you are located. If you’re looking for AEIS tuition, there is no better agency that you can trust with the task except for us. We take a systematic individualistic approach to AEIS tutoring to ensure that your child gets all the basic concepts of the Singapore syllabus and are prepared for the AEIS examinations. Send us a request today, and we will match your child with the best suitable AEIS tutor from our database.

It’s necessary for every AEIS student in Singapore to understand the AEIS syllabus and the standard of exams that is ministered. The syllabus in most cases will differ from that of the students’ home country. For your child to fit the required standards they need to fully master the Math and English systems in the AEIS system.

You may require AEIS tutoring for only a short while until your child is able to get into the local school or you may require tutoring for the long term. Either way, you need experienced and understanding tutors who will able to guide your child at their own individual pace to ensure that they grasp all the basic concepts.

About AEIS

The Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) is an exam that is conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for international students who seek placement in the local Singapore primary or secondary schools. Every international student is required to undertake and pass the AEIS exams to be able to secure a position in the local schools.

The following is the procedure given by the AEIS for international admissions.

  1. Submit an application form for AEIS.
  2. Receive confirmation of meeting the entry requirements
  3. Take the AEIS exam for primary or secondary school
  4. Check your results online
  5. Report to the school you applied for if you have passed your exams

Only two subjects are tested in the Singapore AEIS examinations; mathematics and English. The exams are taken around the month of October and students of different levels (Primary 2 to secondary 3) take the exams.

Why Is AEIS Tuition in Singapore Important?

One of the most rigorous and difficult education systems in the world is the Singapore education system. If your child is transferring from a country where the education system is not as complex, they may find the exams challenging.

Hiring the services of a local AEIS private home tutor in Singapore can help give your child a heads up in the syllabus and the marking standards for the exams. Further, the tutor will be able to give step-by-step guidance to your child and train them on the exam format and answering techniques that will make them pass their exams. You child won’t just fail because of lack of content; they could also fail simply because they are not knowledgeable of the right methods for answering AEIS exam questions.

One advantage of choosing to work with our AEIS tutors over other tutors is that they have coached other international students and therefore know the skills required to ensure that your child is fully prepared to take their maths and English exams. The tutors know how to handle kids from varying aptitudes and backgrounds. Our tutors also have AEIS preparatory test papers which can help your child practice with real questions and will minister a mock examination for your child. This will increase their confidence and they will be better prepared to tackle all questions in their AEIS exams.

There are multiple reasons why students fail their AEIS exams and miss placement in the local schools at whatever level. The reasons range from culture shock to poor preparation. Engage the services of our result-oriented tutors at competitive tuition rates to improve the chances of your child passing their AEIS exams. The tutors will even be able to help them adopt into their new system once they have secured a placement in the local school.