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Who We Are

Learniva is Singapore's leading tuition and enrichment portal that allows you to discover and book tutors as well as classes delivered by instructors and various education providers.

Learn anything from anyone! Search from classes and lessons ranging from Tuition, Music, Dancing, Sports, Public Speaking and various languages.

Browse our list of education providers and find the right class for your child before booking your spot. There are no additional fees! Our service is completely free of charge for parents.

Our Philosophy

We believe that equipping our children well today, prepares them to tackle challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the years ahead.

The workforce of the future is a well-rounded one, and our education system is slowly transforming into one that considers the holistic development of our children. Learniva seeks to partner you in understanding the key elements of real-world success and assist you in raising a child that both excels academically and as a confident, motivated individual, ready to take on the world.

Communicate directly with our team of tuition consultants and get a tutor matched to you quickly and easily.
With a vast range of tutors and classes available for you, there's something for everyone.
Passionate Tutors
Our tutors are carefully screened upon registration to ensure the best experience for you. Passion and commitment to teach are key to our selection criteria.
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Compare across thousands of tutors and various enrichment centres to get information of various education offerings and their charges as well as the tutor’s background.

For Our Partners

Why Learniva?

We believe that you should live life doing what you love by following your passion and charting your own path. And in a moment of serendipity, discover meaning in life.

Our Mission

We want to provide our students with a holistic education experience by bringing the best names in the education field together to inspire and guide them in finding their life's true passion.